Environmental sins and the associated climate change are dominant themes of the 21st century. The denial of their existence is one of the most dangerous mechanisms that have become a threat to man and nature. With his Pollution collection, dedicated to environmental sin, Moulham Obid completes his collection trilogy. Beginning with Phi 2017 and his investigation into the perfect proportions of the “Golden Section”, Gaia 2019 reflects silhouettes and colours of Mother Nature’s natural forms.

“We have it in our hands to change the world”

is the conviction of Moulham Obid. The designer has a model’s beige Moulage scale dress covered in black paint to draw attention to the world’s environmental sins with this action. Moulham Obid’s collection should be seen as a tribute to strong, independent women with a strong personality. Wearers who equate their individuality with timeless elegance and shapeliness, with an eye for intricate details.

With Pollution, Moulham Obid shows the full range of his skills Black, sensational evening gowns with lavishly opulent tulle skirts he arranges with a floral plastic corsage or applies countless layers of tulle by hand to the top. He elegantly combines black, narrow three-quarter gabardine trousers with pleats to form a lilac-coloured bustier made of silk duchesse, whose puff sleeves run tightly from the middle of the upper arm to the wrist. An asymmetrically cut one-shoulder top is trimmed with circular gathered, ice-blue tulle stripes. Sexy to boot, he fuses them with leggings to form one unit.

The collection also includes flattering knits, such as a blue silk-cashmere sweater with a V-neck, flowing lines like are placed on shoulders and arms embroidery. Over a dark grey knitted dress in cashmere and viscose, the designer puts a wafer-thin, floor-length dress in nude-look silk organza. A bright yellow cashmere tunic with tight cuffs and deep raglan sleeves is subtly rounded off by a matt black leather train that falls down to the heels and can be closed at the shoulders and waist. Vegan leather is combined by Moulham Obid in the form of an oversized leaf as a top to form a beige Marlene pant made of organic cotton.

The collection also includes a classic, tight-waisted, ankle-length coat in dark blue wool with cashmere. Moulham Obid also styles a pale purple tulle stole. The heart of the collection is a bridal ensemble in white tulle. A long-sleeved tulle blouse with buttoned cuffs is enclosed by a white plastic torso decorated with flowers. With the voluminous skirt, the silhouette of the ensemble is reminiscent of a dress from the Victorian era.

With its Pollution collection, Moulham Obid is setting an example for more sustainability

Moulham Obid works mainly with natural fibres and partly fully recyclable materials. The main materials used are fine tulle, pure silk, cashmere and organic cotton in satin and twill weave. Structures and textures are comparable with various phenomena in nature, for example honeycombs, wings, corals, cell structures. Voluminous flower and leaf-like creations, pleats and gathers are created by hand from various types of tulle. Surface texture and silhouettes are thereby style-defining.

Photography: Susanne Spiel, Model: Elisa Blaim/addictedtomodels, Hair and Make-Up: Serli & Harout Oglian