Moulham Obid, Take Festival 2019, Photo: Dennis Stein

Designer and artist Moulham Obid was born in Massiaf, Syria, in 1990. He studied Visual Communication at the University of Aleppo completing a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in 2012. In 2014, Moulham moved to Vienna Austria, where he attended the Herbststrasse Fashion School. He completed his diploma with his collection “Phi” and was awarded the top prize of the 2017 Diva Austrian Fashion Talent Award. In 2018 Moulham’s follow up collection “Gaia” was awarded  the Austrian Fashion Association (AFA) Start-Up Scholarship . In 2019 the AFA awarded sponsorship to his current collection “Pollution” which will be presented in the 2020 Vienna Fashion Week.

In 2018 Moulham Obid was invited to present his project “Master TIMELESS Material” at Rado Star Prize Austria 2019 at the Rado Boutique in Vienna. Moulham’s work was shown in the Kunst Festival Millstatt 2019 and 2020. Selected pieces of his collection are available for sale through special fashion Pop-Up stores which promote up and coming Austrian design talent.


“A ruffle’s journey”, Video: Ahmad Hamamah

Moulham Obid’s couture collections are defined by his exciting detailed creations which are handcrafted over hundreds of hours. With elaborate patterns, artistic draping and pleats, Moulham Obid captures a vision of modern femininity which elevates his clients individuality. His designs reveal the clients desire to present a mixture of modern linear structure with romantic imaginative femininity. All the while framing the character of the client and her tastes. 

Moulham Obid’s creations are sophisticated extravagance at it best. He masterfully mixes diverse materials to create standout contemporary feminine silhouettes. Through his exciting and artistic talents of creation, he arranges sheer tulle ruffles amongst cascades of silk, while skillfully placing intricate hand embroidered details onto his creations. In his collections, Moulham Obid reveals his fine feeling for complex volumes and modern proportions. As his work is first derived through an artistic scope, he then effortlessly transports these visions into unforgettable individual pieces.