The year was 2021 when Moulham Obid decided to use needle and thread to write an ode to the woman of the 1950s. After years of suffering, she had an urgent need to feel beautiful and feminine. The New Look from Dior was formative for this time, as were those Chanel jackets, which are still reinterpreted and loved year after year.
While most women reverted to their old roles as housewives, wives and mothers after World War II, a few chose to rebel.
Those women who didn’t want to go back into their old roles joined the beatniks and their unconventional, creative way of life. They were provocative in their choice of dress, smoked, and uninterested in tradition or expectations. They wrote novels and published poetry, but the general attitude towards women was still reduced to the role of wife or friend. Even in the group of revolutionary beatniks and such, few managed to make a name for themselves.
Nevertheless, the woman of the 1950s shaped the world for all following generations, whether from her small system at home or freely in her frowned upon way of life. And not only Moulham Obid is grateful for that, but also every woman who, thanks to the efforts that our ancestors made, can now experience a life with more options and freedom.

Anais Reinisch

Photography: Sabine Linemayer, Model: Chiara W./Innercircle Management , Hair: Roman Klammer, Make-Up: Laura Fuchs

Lookbook Moulham Obid 2022