The myth of the golden section, the perfect harmonic Equation, reflected in arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, Art, music and in Mother Nature herself. Moulham Obid took hold this theme for his first collection named after the number PHI. As a result of his success he won the Austrian Fashion Talent Award 2017, presented by DIVA magazine.

Obid’s imaginative creations are made from precious materials manufactured. Found a spectacular coat made of over 60 m of tulle a lot of attention from the public and the press and was McDonald’s used in an online advertisement. The application the Sectio Aurea on the cuts and their masterful implementation was the real challenge for the Bachelor of Arts. In the fashion college on Herbststrasse he learned all the rules of high Tailoring and has made his collections by hand ever since.

Lookbook PHI PDF

Photography: Vrinda Jelinek, Models: Nina, Victoria & Malina, Hair and Make-Up: Yolanda Dohr