Environmental crimes and the associated climate change are dominant themes of the 21st century. Denying their existence is one of the most dangerous mechanisms that have put people and nature at risk. With his Pollution collection dedicated to environmental crimes, Moulham Obid completes his collection trilogy. Starting with Phi 2017 and his investigation of the perfect proportions of the “golden ratio”, he then reflects with Gaia 2019 silhouettes and colours of the natural forms of mother nature. 

“It is in our hands to change the world”

is Moulham Obid’s conviction.

The designer douses his beige moulage scale dress with ‘oil’, in order to confront the public with the truth of our world and the environmental crimes we seldom see or acknowledge. The Moulham Obid Collection 2020 is a tribute to independent women and their strength of personality. These women are defined as wearers who equate their individuality with timeless elegance and beauty, while valuing handcrafted details.