When you look at our fashion photos, there is little thought to all the work that goes into creating these visions. It is not just the designer’s work. 
Before shooting so many questions must be answered.  Who are the models? Which stylists will be responsible to make the hair and make up choices? Which accessories to use?                                                                                                                                                             

And the most important question is who should photograph the collection and be responsible to pull all the elements together, creating the ultimate vision of the designer. Behind the Scenes shares some of those details and shows who was working to create the fantastic vision that are Moulham Obid’s collections.  

MQ Vienna Fashion Week.20, backstage.

GAIA Lookbook shooting, location: Setagayapark – Japanese Garden

GAIA Shooting for Take Festival 2019

Shooting location: Belvedere/Erste Campus

Behind the scenes, Shooting GAIA at Erste Campus, Photo: Dennis Stein